Dogs adorably jumps on bigger dog's back to cross street

Newsflare Published April 18, 2019 24,836 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever thought that dogs are capable of working as a team? If so, you're absolutely right, so you should watch this video to confirm your theories. This trio of dogs is completely capable of working as a team to cross the street, it is really impressive how small dogs climb on the back of the big dog to help them cross the street without any problem. Apparently, these dogs get along quite well and manage to synchronize their movements so that there is no wrong movement when it comes to crossing the street. You have to see how much fun and adorable this is!

The video was filmed in the city of Zibo in Shandong Province, China, on March 20. In the video you can see how the owner of the dogs dictates an order for the two poodle dogs to jump on the back of a German shepherd dog. So that the three dogs can cross the street without anyone getting hurt. Obviously, these dogs are very well trained, since they are able to execute the instructions dictated by their owner and all the dogs are completely synchronized and they know exactly when to jump. These dogs are very smart!

All dogs can obey their owners without problems, they should only be educated and trained properly to perform activities correctly and without complications, in addition to dogs can work as a team to meet their objectives, especially when they are family. I think the owner of these three dogs did an excellent job training these dogs, since they know exactly what to do to cross the street, maybe all the people who have dogs should ask this man for advices. This man is an excellent coach!

The poodles are extremely elegant and agile dogs, this makes them dogs that can be found anywhere in the world, they are very popular dogs nowadays since many people have a dog of this type in their homes. These dogs can work in teams with other dogs, since they are very charismatic parros that constantly use their intelligence to avoid problems.

On the other hand, the German Shepherds are dominant and imposing dogs, but also very easy to train by their owners, this allows them to be the main dogs of the group, since they can help and care for all dogs that need protection. It is proven that German shepherds have an extremely high protective instinct, so there is no problem in these dogs taking care and protecting children or small puppies.

If you have several dogs, it is important that you educate them and train them correctly, since in this way the dogs will protect and help each other, since working as a team can have good results in dogs. Surely, after watching the video, you will notice that dogs can work as a team, even if it is hard to believe, this is real and this trio of dogs is an example to follow. Crossing the street has never been so easy!


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    Wow. Smart poodles.

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