US Firefighter Rescues Husky From Train Tracks And Brings It Home

Newsflare Published April 18, 2019 26,656 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesThe heartwarming video Filmed in King County Washington on Saturday 09th February 2019 show an abandoned Siberian husky Marlin was running on the railroad tracks gets rescued by a US Firefighter Maxx Powell.

On Saturday morning, Video blogger-slash-firefighter Maxx was on his way to the store when he noticed something strange. He spotted a lost Siberian husky Merlin is running on the railroad tracks.
Already filming for his video blog and Youtube channel, he says "I thought it would be exciting to film the encounter. I did not want her running down the train tracks and potentially getting hit by a car or a train ".

The train comes through that area at least three times each day and Maxx had no clue how much time he had. Pulling off to the side, Maxx rushed out of his car. Maxx’s only concern at that moment was making sure the dog got untied safely and made it into his car. “He was obviously scared,” Maxx said. “I was worried about whether or not he would let me get close to him.

I patted my leg and said, ‘Hey little dude!’ His tail just started wagging. That is when I knew he would be ok with me approaching him.” After a bit of work and coaxing, Maxx managed to get Marlin’s trust and took her off to the tracks.

A trip to the vet's office discloses that Merlin was unchipped willing Maxx to take the dog home to his protective wife and family to the lost dog.
The stay was short, as the owners picked up the dog late that night after seeing one of the posts on social media.

“I am very grateful that he found her," said the owner of Merlin.
"If he had not of got there, she would have been gone because that train would have come through no matter what.”

“Everything happens for a reason," said owner. "I felt like we were put in that situation and were meant to help.” "I find it interesting that she was on those train tracks but could not move, and how she got that far from the road,". "I wonder if she got hit and somebody just put her up there to get rid of her. I cannot even fathom doing that.”

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