Adorable Moment Puppy And Baby Break Into House

Newsflare Published April 17, 2019 18,482 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesTrue love can never be contained, and there’s probably no greater love than that between a child and his puppy. This video provides an adorable, and completely hilarious, example of just that. George the puppy, a resident of Darwin, Australia, has been left outside in the garden, able to see his human buddy and best pal—little baby Murphy—but frustratingly unable to get to him. Ingenuity to the rescue! Almost as if they were able to speak to each other, Murphy and George work together to get those pesky window slats open just wide enough for George to slip through and be reunited with his beloved friend. “Puppy recently purchased as a new companion for baby Murphy,” writes the videographer of this charming minute or so of footage, “and they quickly became best friends, devising ways to be with each other.” We don’t know about you, but watching this video has brought back cherished memories of our own youth and the puppy we grew up with.

If there’s anything better in childhood than having a canine companion for your best friend, we haven’t found it yet. Watching Murphy and George together isn’t only insanely cute—it also leaves us nostalgic for simpler times when there was nothing we couldn’t accomplish together with our favorite furry pal. Ah, the memories of days gone by, and all the exploring, loafing, and dreaming we did with our dogs—not to mention all the mischief and capers we got into! We have no doubt that George and Murphy will remain the very best of friends forever, and that this video will someday be as cherished by Murphy as it is by us now. This is one you’ll want to bookmark, just so you can return to it again and again for the simple joy of the smile it puts on your face.

So if you haven’t pressed the play button yet, you should definitely do so without waiting a moment longer. We also think you’ll find that you’ll enjoy sharing this one with your dog-loving friends, or maybe even your parents, who probably have some memories of their own of the rascally hijinks you used to get up to when you were very small. The greatest joy of loving our pets is that they remind us every day that simplest pleasures in life are also the best ones. This video does that, too!