Mom Pretends To Watch TV To Avoid Being Caught Eating By Greedy Son

Newsflare Published April 15, 2019 24,795 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsYou can't miss this hilarious moment when a mother pretends to watch TV to prevent her greedy son from catching her eating an apple. The little baby already has his bib and is prepared in case he finds something to eat, he suspects his mother but still can't catch her with his hands in the dough. Hilarious!

The funny video shot in Huangshi city in central China's Hubei province on March 5 shows the mother chewing on an apple and stopping every time her little boy turns his head, pretending he's just watching TV. The funny images show us how a young mother tries to enjoy a bite without her son noticing. The ingenious woman only wants to spoil herself a little, as she is always the one who feeds her insatiable baby, who doesn't let anything edible escape her sight because she simply snatches it or demands her part for being the smallest and most spoiled of the house.

The mother said her greedy nine-month-old always wants what she eats. Babies so young know that mom will always spoil them and so they don't hesitate to ask for a taste of whatever mom is eating. At first we see that the mother eats several bites and maybe you think that at some point the mother is going to give up and give a piece of apple to her baby, but that is not the case. The determined and hungry mother enjoys the apple without any remorse, she takes things very seriously. Surprising! The tenderness of this adorable baby is not enough for his own mother to give him everything he wants. Would you give this tender baby a little apple?

Finished the film and the mother has not yet given the baby a bite, we can see how the baby is wearing a bib, that means he already ate, or even it is doing, so it is easy to deduce that the naughty baby just wants to annoy his mother a little and wants grab all the food as he always does, is a very glutton baby! The sound of his mother chewing is something that baffles him. Mom are you chewing? Give me a little!

Scenarios like these the parents live day by day, many times they do it to see the reaction of their children and laugh a little at how adorable they look, we do not know if this is the case, since the mother does not laugh at any time, seems to play a very good role to deceive his son, or actually if he wanted to eat an apple alone, Very funny!

"When Dad gets here I'll tell him you're hiding something!" Those would be the words of the greedy baby if she could talk and try to decipher what her mysterious mother does behind her back. Come on, it's a simple apple! Mommy deserves to eat something nutritious after a long day of housework. These images will definitely steal your heart and could make you want to have a child, but remember that first you have to be sure and be clear that you are going to have to share all your food with that very special little person. Very adorable!


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