Never Skip Spine Day

Published April 12, 2019 16 Views

Rumble Wayne Day Doyle of Fort Lauderdale, Florida stops the gym with his extreme workout. Wayne is on a mission to promote the oddities of health and fitness. In fact, he has started a company of that name, Oddities of Health and Fitness, which can be found on Facebook and YouTube. Wayne is sort of a local hero at L.A. Fitness in the Fort Lauderdale area. Members give him wide berth as he performs some of the edgiest, most Avant-garde, and perhaps not just a little dangerous exercise routines.

Someone dubbed this video “Never Skip Spine Day,” and we can see how Wayne put the “spine” in “spine day”. He really goes all out in this one! He’s like some kind of gymnastic Houdini, twisting and turning, and hoisting a 100 pound barbell. One L.A. Fitness customer was so wowed that he made this video.

Will this be the last curtain call for Wayne Doyle? What backbone can possibly withstand such excruciating punishment? Well, we are happy to report that Wayne is alive and well. He doesn’t do this for a living, but cleans and waxes yachts in south Florida for his main business, Wayne’s Wax. Exercise and diet keep Wayne fit so he can skirt around the hull of a 150 foot boat with relative ease.

Diet plays a prominent role in Wayne’s life of fitness. Although like his exercise routines, Wayne’s diet is a bit on the unorthodox side. For example, Wayne has a saying, “When in doubt, put it in the blender.” This can apply to whole chickens, as well as fruits and vegetables. He eats everything, and everything includes the peel and pit in addition to the banana or peach fruit. Wayne likes to travel around the world and make videos of local customs related to health, fitness, and eating. He hails from Australia, and has spent time in the Philippines, Japan, Europe, and Central America. For several years he has called south Florida home, but there is no shortage of ethnic and cultural diversity between Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

It’s a certainty that we’ll be seeing new videos from Wayne Doyle, featuring even more astounding and outrageous workout routines that test the limits of human endurance. In fact, Wayne invents his own specialized exercise equipment that incorporate bicycle pedals, weights and wheels, and LEDs. He has a very broad range of interests which include fashion design and, if you don’t catch him at the local Starbucks discussing his latest ventures, then you might find him at an authentic Vietnamese restaurant eating Pho, or at an Asian food market buying supplies for his cooking videos. Wayne’s 60 years old, by the way, so this just goes to show you that you’re never too old, and it’s never too late to get in shape.

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