Couple’s Boat Pushed Around By Playful Grey Whales And Their Babies

Published April 10, 2019 33,828 Views

If it’s possible for a single video to make you feel both utterly delighted and insanely jealous at the same time, then this incredible footage of a couple of grey whales and their calves frolicking playfully with a group of boat bound tourists is just the video to do it! Oskar Lehner, age 63, was on holiday with his family in Laguna Oia de Liebre in Guerrero Negro, Mexico in March of 2019 when their boat, and the boat of their companions, was beset by this small school of giant whales.

Far from being antagonistic, however, these curious creatures instead seemed interested to learn more about the comparatively small humans hovering above them—and the result makes for a video that offers several minutes of pure, unadulterated wonder. Lehner and his companions were just as curious about the whales, and the entire encounter is truly one for the ages—and makes us so envious of this once in a lifetime experience that we’re ready to hop the next plane for sunny Mexico right this minute! As you’ll see, Lehner and his fellow tourists were actually able to touch the whales, who seem to enjoy this caressing by humans to an extent that we wouldn’t have thought possible.

Usually, wild animals are fearful of people they encounter in their habitats—although, when you’re as large as a grey whale, we’re guessing that you tend to be less fearful than other, smaller animals might be. We’re not sure if it was the whales’ natural friendliness or something exceptionally approachable about this particular group of people that produced the close encounter of the best kind that you’ll see in this footage. All we know is that we’re extremely glad that someone was able to capture the moment on camera, and to then share the footage with the rest of us. We’re not exaggerating when we say that this may very well be the best thing you’ll see all day, all week, and possibly even all year.

So if you haven’t hit the Play button yet, what are you waiting for? Encounters like this don’t come along every day, which is why you shouldn’t waste another moment before treating yourself to the spectacle of this truly remarkable and unexpected meeting between land creatures and sea creatures. It’ll be a long time before you find something this astonishing and life-affirming again, and even longer before you forget it.

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