Man spotted driving unique giant Nike shoe around Paris

Newsflare Published April 9, 2019 14,378 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdThe car has been around for about 120 years. In that period we have seen probably thousands of different car types. Many were intended to stretch the boundaries of automotive technology or design, and some of the models and techniques live on today. We have seen even a lot of weird, wild and even some wacky models of cars. But, this video that we are about to show you is something you have never seen before, and it will blow your mind and at the same time make you laugh a lot. Take a look!

Have you ever seen a man driving around in a big Nike shoe? Well, you’re about to see now. This is not something you see every day. Check out this bizarre video of a man driving an enormous Nike shoe around Paris. Well, these days you can see everything, don’t you think?

A man was seen in cruising around Paris in a vehicle designed to look like a Nike trainer. This footage shows the driver of the shoe-come-car performing a three-point turn on a narrow street in Paris on March 20. The filmer of this video told Newsflare: "I was stupefied and laughing; other people were stunned just like me."

You know what they say: “If the shoe fits, drive it!” Not sure that they say that, but that should be a saying like that just for this video. We wonder if his garage looks like a shoe box? Also, a great three-point turn must be a trainer.

Well, what do you know? We get shocked at over-priced shoes, and we always say, those expensive shoes better take us to work. Well... here we are! They can drive us to work! This guy went by Nike’s motto: ‘Just do it’ so he did it. He made a big Nike shoe, and we have to give him credit for it! This is very creative.

The auto market can be a really unique place. From futuristic models that look like they're from the future to hybrids and cars that give a whole new meaning to the ordinary car creations. Getting from Point A to Point B is a reasonable aim for most vehicle owners, yet some have it in their blood to take a step– or mile– further. The idea of structure over capacity (and the other way around) doesn't matter where the inventively peculiar vehicle is concerned. What do you think about this car?