Top 10 Most Unexpected Celebrity Arrests

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Rumble There has been a lot of unexpected celebrity criminals over the years. In the video, we are looking at the most infamous arrest histories of the rich and famous. Whether it Is having a drink at the wheel or getting frisky with a woman of the night, these A-listers all have skeletons in their closets.

DMX known for his many songs and acting roles, DMX is now synonymous with arrests and misdeeds. Since the late-‘90s, he is been busted for a variety of charges, including but not limited to: animal cruelty, DUI, drug possession, driving on a suspended license and the most unique an attempted car theft during which he argued with the man who owned said vehicle and impersonated an FBI agent to cops. X would no doubt have ranked higher if his arrests were not so regular that they have almost become expected. But we had been remiss to not include him.

Randy Travis had been a star since the ‘80s and, after a period as a gospel singer, was seen by many as a man of principle and faith. That sterling reputation may have been tarnished slightly by one night in 2012. After he allegedly attempted to buy smokes while completely nude, cops got a call about a naked guy lying in the street that he was taken in. State troopers found Travis still in his birthday suit, splayed in the middle of the road after crashing his car. Needless to say, he was arrested.

Chris Brown and Rihanna were a music power-couple that seemed to be living a storybook romance. Then one February night in 2009, an argument broke out between the pair, which left Rihanna hospitalized with visible injuries. Brown turned himself in to authorities and was charged less than a month later. This case of domestic violence cast a distinct shadow over Brown’s career, as his music was pulled from airwaves, his commercials were banned, and he withdrew from public life for a while. When he returned to the spotlight, he encountered more issues.

Paul Reubens was a well-known star of a hugely successful children’s show and feature films, Paul Reubens. Unfortunately, the human behind the character was capable of mistakes. Reubens was arrested for indecent exposure in an adult movie theater for allegedly pleasuring himself in 1991, and the media reaction was swift. His show was pulled, ads were pulled, and Reubens retreated from public life for much of the decade – though he maintained his innocence. Fortunately, though he was arrested again in 2002 because of his collection of vintage erotica, Pee-wee has managed to stage a comeback.

In the mid-‘90s, Hugh Grant was on top of the world: the star of “Four Weddings and a Funeral” had taken the acting world by storm, with the gorgeous head-turner Elizabeth Hurley on his arm. That’s what made it all the more surprising when he was arrested two weeks prior to the 1995 release of “Nine Months” for soliciting a prostitute on the streets of L.A. What came next was almost as surprising: Grant was completely forthright about his mistake and apologized for it.

If you are a child of the ‘80s, it is pretty safe to say that the women around you may have had a huge crush on this heartthrob. Known for a stellar movie career and a mischievous persona highlighted by tales of his many on-set pranks and jokes, Mel seemed like a fun-loving guy who just happened to be a talented artist. However in 2006, when he was caught driving drunk with an open bottle of booze in his car, he shocked fans and non-fans alike when the leaked arrest report detailed the anti-Semitic rant given by the star.

Mark Wahlberg building a life as a career criminal, trying to earn the respect of his fellow gang members. To do so, he was the perpetrator of several vicious attacks, two of which occurred on the same day in 1988 against two separate Vietnamese men, which got him thrown in jail. When the cell door slammed shut, something clicked and Wahlberg decided to reinvent his life for the better.

Michael Vick is many sports reward athletes for their killer instinct and aggression; however, players are expected to leave those traits on the field to serve as role models for legions of fans. Michael Vick decided to go another way. Choosing instead to victimize dogs, Vick helped operate an illegal dog-fighting ring, which got him suspended from the NFL and sent to jail and earned him the derision of animal lovers everywhere. However, he’s since been released and in 2010 was named Comeback Player of the Year by the NFL.

Michael Jackson was the biggest star ever. In 1993, 13-year-old Jordan Chandler and his family accused Jackson of sexual abuse and – though a lack of evidence ended the criminal investigation – Jackson’s camp did pay a hefty sum to make the incident go away. Ten years later, similar charges were brought against MJ about teen Gavin Arvizo, and this time it resulted in a high-profile media circus of a trial. Though he was found not guilty on all charges, the unwanted press from this trial irrevocably tarnished Jackson’s reputation.

After being charged for the murder of his wife and her companion, football star O.J. Simpson refused to turn himself in and led police on an infamous chase which sparked a media sensation. He was eventually arrested and tried, and the not-guilty verdict in the “trial of the century” split public opinion, with some seeing it as a colossal miscarriage of justice and others rejoicing. When he was arrested and put away years later for robbery, kidnapping and more, the hoopla may have been absent, but he was found guilty and sentenced to 33-years in prison.


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