Hilarious Flight Attendant Performs Rap For Passengers

Published April 1, 2019 1,096 Views

Rumble / Entertainment LifeThe airports and airplanes have become part of our day to day, because thanks to airplanes we can travel long distances in a short period of time. Everyone who has traveled by plane knows that unusual things happen in airports and on planes, but people who travel constantly say that the trip is boring and routine, but this time it turned out to be the opposite. The truth is that an flight attendant had the passengers have fun while she did Rap following the safety instructions. This stewardess really has talent!

A man named Robert Stratton was waiting for his Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles to leave for Salt Lake City, Utah, on March 23, when suddenly a stewardess, named Adele, went into action and started doing some Rap. Robert said that at the beginning, Adele asked all the passengers to accompany her to do some music, after that she began to venture into a Rap with some of the safety instructions before starting the flight. Adele in her Rap said important things like "make sure your belts are tight because we will be very far from the ground very soon". Robert said he had never had such a fun flight before and said that all passengers on board enjoyed the rap of Adele, as it was really fun.

Some flight attendants say that their work is not easy, since some passengers turn out to be rude and annoying, but there are always educated people who make the work of the assistants easier and more pleasant. Most of the attendees like the passengers to enjoy the trip, since that makes people travel more often and at the end of each trip they are very grateful and leave the plane very happy after their trip. In this case, Adele proved to be a very good assistant, since she was in charge of improving the flight of all the passengers thanks to a Rap made by her, in this way she managed to be viral in the social networks.

To be a flight attendant it is necessary to go through a hard training, besides that some minimum and maximum age requirements must be met, and they must also master several languages, but the most important thing is that they must have good health and resistance to be able to swim and run in extreme cases. In addition to all that, they must also have a good charisma to be able to talk and socialize with people on the plane without any problem or difficulty. The truth is that, despite all this, there are always flight attendants who are in charge of surprising the passengers with their incredible singing or dancing skills, although this is not necessary, it becomes a useful tool to keep the passengers happy.

We must always remember where we come from and we must bear in mind that no job is easy, each one requires an effort that we do not normally perceive, for that reason it is very important to respect people regardless of their jobs. Music is considered the universal language and Adele knows it very well, for that reason she used her Rap to keep passengers safe and happy while dictating the necessary safety instructions before starting the trip. Adele is the best Flight Attendant in the world!

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