Child Superfan Gifts Artwork to NBA Superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo

Storyful Published March 30, 2019 5,316 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment Life - I think the best thing about being a superstar is that you can earn the respect and admiration of many people, this video shows it completely, if you do not believe it, look at it. Often, the NBA superstars receive gifts from their fans, but there are always fans who stand out from the crowd, since their knowledge and admiration for the athletes is quite high and this allows them to fulfill their dreams of personally meeting the superstars of the NBA. This video shows that dreams can come true, so we must all fight for them. Never give up!

Giannis Antetokounmpo Superstar of the Milwaukee Bucks presented a series of autographs in Stoughton, Wisconsin, on March 27, when a young fan named Lily, 11, appeared and gave him a shirt to sign, but Lily also brought him a glossy purple folder. This glossy folder contained Lily's accumulated artwork, which was entirely dedicated to Antetokounmpo, who is her favorite NBA superstar. After receiving the gift, Antetokounmpo got up to hug Lily and thanked her for the gift. "This is incredible," he told her. "Did you do all this? Thanks." The warm reaction of the Milwaukee Bucks star made Lily cry, while Antetokounmpo hugged her, all the fans took photos and watched the emotional moment.

Antetokounmpo is one of the current NBA superstars and their numbers speak for themselves. Antetokounmpo has managed to earn the respect and admiration of millions of people thanks to his talent and what he has achieved with his current team, the Milwaukee Bucks. People compare Antetokounmpo with the great superstars in NBA history and this is well deserved, since their characteristics and skills are quite good, this has made their fans very numerous and, often, the superstar has said that their fans are your source of inspiration. Antetokounmpo proves to be a very grateful person with his fans. Some superstars deserve everyone's respect!

Some people say that one of the most exciting things in life is to meet their idol, although some do not have the opportunity, others are so fanatical that they do not miss any time when the celebrity opens to the public to spend entire nights on hold to fulfill its objective. To do this, many people make continuous queues for hours with the illusion that it is moment to meet the person they have admired for a long time and who has become the main image of their works of art and posters in their rooms. The fans are really unpredictable!

We must never abandon our dreams, however impossible they may seem, the truth is that life revolves and dreams can come true at any time, this means that it is extremely important to stay optimistic and fight for everything you want. In this case, Lily managed to fulfill her dream, which was to meet and embrace the Milwaukee Bucks forward, Giannis Antetokounmp, and she did not miss the opportunity to show him a shiny folder that contained a work of art dedicated to him. This is very touching!

Credit: Pete Stauffer via Storyful