Disabled Boy Stars On The Catwalk

Published March 25, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsThis is the heartwarming moment a disabled boy beams with joy - striding down the catwalk. Three-year-old Christian Kilduff was born with cerebral palsy, a brain injury and is registered blind. Doctors told his mum Diana, 36, that he would never walk, talk and would have a poor quality of life. But with the help of his adoring big sister Jade, 17, the toddler has proved medics wrong. The adorable youngster was pictured with a huge smile on his face as he showed off on the catwalk at an event on December 10, where he could be a model for the night. Christian's sister Jade, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester in the UK, said: ''I started learning basic signs so I could speak with Christian, who is being taught sign language at Rainbow House in Preston. He’s been going there for about 18 months, and he’s really picking up the signs. My dream is for Christian, when he’s older, to be in a world where he can talk to whoever he wants, and they’ll be able to understand what he’s trying to say. If everyone knows just the basic signs, Christian, and other children and adults who sign, will be able to communicate through sign, opening up a world of possibilities and new chances for social interaction.''