Soldier Returns After 10 Months Away To Shock Tearful Son At Taekwondo Lesson

Published March 21, 2019 3,711 Plays

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesWhen soldiers are deployed, their absence is felt so much, especially by their family. Soldiers are the pride of each country. Soldiers defend the dignity and the respect of their country with their life and blood. He needs to rise above his self to guard his country.

To be a soldier you must be trained, strong, brave, and to have a faith that you will be with your family again. Their bravery fills in like a guiding light to other people who are sad and weak. Their lives are a wellspring of motivation to the adolescent of the country. They serve the country to the best of their capacity.

This soldier was ten months away from his family, and his family missed him so much. SO when he returned from his deployment, he decided to surprise his son. Take a look at this tearjerking moment.

This is the beautiful moment a soldier shocked his nine-year-old son after being away on deployment for ten months – by sneaking into the youngster’s taekwondo session to become his surprise sparring partner. Blindfolded Luca Cesternino had no idea what was about to come next as he swung punches at the mystery body in front of him, thinking it was all part of a training routine.

Little did Luca know, though, his trainer at Success Martial Arts Center in Lebanon, Tennessee, had switched places with his father, Staff Sgt. Rob Cesternino Toward the end of the drill on Monday, March 18, Rob then uttered "Hey Shib" - a name he used to call Luca when he was younger – with the words instantly sparking a "Daddy?" from his son.

This is an incredible story that touches our hearts. The happiness of the child and the father that they felt at this moment is indescribable.

Praise rang out all around the training center as the pair hugged, with Rob telling Luca, 'I adore you, and I'm so glad for you. You were such a major kid while I was gone'.

The pair were additionally joined by the staff sergeant's better half, Leah, who sorted out the amazement and was praised by Rob for thinking about child Luca while he was away.

Luca said: 'I was, like, wow! Everybody came here to see my dad and me. 'It's just excitement. I felt joy in my heart - I will never leave his side.' What an amazing and emotional surprise!


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