Little Girl Shows Mom Who's Boss In Hilarious Lecture

Storyful Published March 21, 2019 5,131 Plays

Rumble / Babies & Kids - As both kids and adults, we deal with lectures but when your kid turns the table on parents and lectures you because of a choice you made it is pretty perfect. This little girl is upset because mom threw away one of her favorite toys but instead of crying she had to give her mom talk about her choices.

3-year-old Lara Marie O’Leary gave mother Ami a stern talking-to when Ami mistakenly threw one of Lara Marie’s toys in the trash. Lara Marie told Ami that the stick she had thrown away was actually a “sword” that Lara Marie used for “fighting tigers” with her dad.

Luckily, the mom in question recorded the whole lecture session and posted it online where it went viral almost immediately. It has since been shared thousands of times by moms, dads, daughters and even sons who can’t have enough of the young lady’s banter. The video starts with the little blonde beauty approaching her mother with a cute angry expression, ready to give him a piece of her mind.

She posed the question to her mother: “If you were my age, would you like if I throw out your toys?” She adorably finished her lecture by saying “I forgive you.” Commenting on the video, Ami said, “This little girl is a hoot and will keep you on your toes.”

Video Originally shared on Ami O’Leary’s Facebook id and has nearly four million views and 40,000 likes as people applaud (and likely relate to) the toddler’s exasperation with her mother. And Ami O’Leary admitted to Storyful that it is not the first time that Lara Marie has put him in his place.

“This is her down to the T, as she is always letting me when I am slacking,” she said.
“If I am not doing my job as a mother properly she is not afraid to let me know.

Child prodigy term is often used with a young person who is incredibly talented with some tangible skill; Mozart was known as a gifted musician by the age of 4. Tiger Woods was making waves in the golf at the age of 4. Even John Travolta showed signs he would be a titan of a film at a young age. But, why do not we call children "prodigies" when they possess other more practical skills?

Why do not we reward children with that title when they are gifted at financial accounting or being exceedingly neat? Is Lara Marie O’Leary, an American toddler hell-bent on having her mother being nice to her toys, any less a prodigy than Tiger?

Credit: Ami O’Leary via Storyful


  • CATPUFIC, 3 weeks ago

    Умная какая девочка))) Счастья вам и вашей семье)

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  • bluedaisy, 5 days ago

    WELL SHE IS NOT YOUR AGE . SHE NEEDS TO RESPECT HER PARENT and know once an apology is made ,irt1s enough .

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