Dog Forms Unlikely Friendship With Pig

Published March 20, 2019 1,967 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsIt's amazing how this little piggy has formed an improbable beautiful friendship with a dog with a deformity defect in the face, the two couldn't be happier to be together and share with other dogs, who are in the same condition and to the care of the animal shelter in Oregon, USA.

One-year-old Pax was rescued from the hands of a breeder when she was only 12 weeks old. Pax was on a farm that wasn't properly cared for, lived on top of each other and didn't have clean water or containers for consumption, but thanks to the successful rescue work this little pig is living in a dog shelter, where she has been raised for the last 9 months, especially with her friend Picasso who has become very special in her life and with whom she shares walks around the shelter.

It has never been considered to have a pig in the shelter, but you only have to see how quickly Pax has adapted since she arrived, she behaves like another dog, she has even learned dog commands and does all the routines that are taught by the caregivers, to keep the dogs active and healthy.

Two-year-old Picasso jumped to fame on social networks for his twisted upper jaw, which makes his face look noticeably crooked. Its owner is Leisl, the owner of the dog shelter, she is very happy with the friendship that have achieved their puppy and the pig Pax. Leisl says Pax has been with them since she was practically a pup and for that reason she has not spent time with other pigs, now she thinks she is a dog. Yes, as well as the famous film "Babe", the little pig who thought he was a dog and wanted to be a shepherd. Very funny!

The owner of the shelter says that she fell completely in love with Pax and that she fits perfectly with her dogs. Pax is so friendly that at no time did any of the dogs reject her, they all welcomed her with open arms, especially Picasso.

Pax has lived almost all her life surrounded by dogs, there are exactly ten dogs that live with her day after day, they all share walks and activities together. This makes it even more difficult for someone to get Pax out of her head that she is not a dog.

Wacko, eight years old, is another of the dogs with which Pax shares more, he also has a problem in his jaw, which has been cut and healed after his rescue, but also his face is deformed, something that does not make him very different from Picasso.

Unfortunately, it is alarming the number of pigs that are raised in precarious conditions, only to be sold for consumption, these animals do not enjoy their lives at all, they only see in them money to earn. Therefore, we are encouraged to see that there are shelters that seek in the farthest corners animals that are suffering similar situations, to support them and make their world a happier place.