Top 10 Most Controversial Internet Memes of All Time

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Rumble / Entertainment Life - It’s never just fun and games, anymore, is it? For this list, we’ll be taking a look at insanely popular memes that have been the cause of many heated debates, have shocking or offensive nature, or have just had wacky and unintended outcomes. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Most Controversial Internet Memes of All Time.

#10 Arthur
Nothing is safe in meme land, not even in innocent kids shows. Freezing at just the right moment, frames were taken out of context and violated with an often inappropriate caption. They represented Arthur as full of rage and unlikable.

#9 Hugh Mungus
After giving an interview, Seattle resident Rudy Pantoja was filmed by ‘Black Lives Matter’ activist Zarna Joshi, as he tells her that his names are Hugh Mungus which Joshi may or may not have intended as a reference to his penis.

#8 The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
The challenge was to dump a bucket of ice water on your head, and it was about to raise awareness to a moi traffic sclerosis. With millions of people dropping ice water on their head including some wealthy celebrities.

#7 Alex from Target
After his picture of him went viral he had hordes of a girl visiting him at work and following him and stalking him, impossible to be everybody’s right side, Alex acquired many haters, and they have sent him very concerning messages.

#6 Star Wars Kid
Undoubtedly funny and entertaining to watch, Ghyslain Raza looked to be having a good time imitating a Jedi Knight; unfortunately, we all know that people can be cruel. This video became one of the earliest and most prominent cyberbullying cases to date.

#5 Harambe
A day of panic and desperation at the Cincinnati Zoo, Harambe was a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo who was shot out of concern for a three-year-old kid who has made his way into the gorilla’s home. The death of Harambe was a tragedy, the memes surrounding it went on and on, almost immortalizing the gorilla in our computers and phones.

#4 Tide Pod Challenge
Please, don’t do this! This game encouraged people to eat laundry detergent capsules. Many people started eating these capsules as a trend and began recording themselves as they were biting into it and swallowing Tide Pods.

#3 Logan Paul’s Suicide Forest Video
This is probably one of the worst videos Paul Logan has ever posted. He posted a video of a man who had hung himself on a tree in a forest in Japan. The footage had six million views in just one day, and the video received a lot of backlash from politicians, celebrities and fellow YouTubers. Not cool Paul!

#2 #CuttingForBieber
After the hashtag took off to stop the pop star from smoking marijuana, countless teens cut themselves and uploaded the videos on the Internet. The worst part of the hashtag is that it all started as a prank, and whoever posted it underestimated just how much Bieber’s fans love him.

#1 Pepe The Frog
Why do all good things have to be twisted and molded into something defensive? Pepe the Frog started as a simple meme, that has since has become a shell of his former self. The great thing about the meme is that it was a blank slate. It had limitless interpretations, and anyone could adapt it and ad their spin. rnet Memes of All Time.


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