Turkey Halts Traffic On New Hampshire Road So Others Can Cross

Storyful Published March 16, 2019 5,936 Plays

Rumble - This video is something unique and something unusual. It’s not something you see every day. But when that happens, we always have a witness to capture that amazing moment when they do. While most animals avoid humans and roads, some gutsy turkeys recently threw caution to the wind and decided to do some walking.

A turkey stopped traffic in Litchfield, New Hampshire, on March 14 to let other turkeys cross safely, and only moved when the last turkey was done crossing the road. New Hampshire resident Donald Pomerleau captured the incident while sitting in his car on Pinecrest Road. The video shows the turkey pausing in the middle of a two-lane road as it waits for the other turkeys to cross. Once the last turkey passed by, it followed its fellow foul off the roadway.

It’s fascinating to see all the people and all the cars near this family because even though turkeys are such amazing animals, they aren’t the friendliest of creatures! It’s adorable to watch now, but it’s a good thing that these drivers were paying attention and let these little guys go! It’s good to know that we have such good drivers that pay attention to the road and don't disturb this big family making it to the other side!

If you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, please be careful how you drive and be careful not to hit any of the birds. Keep an eye out for road signs. If there’s a high amount of animals in a single area, they’ll usually have a road sign alerting drivers.

You can stop for an animal, giving you don't make risk some other drivers. On the off chance that you swerve into approaching traffic to prevent from hitting a little animal and cause an accident, you'll be at risk.

You should always be careful when you are driving, and keep an eye on other cars and of course animals. You don’t want to risk their lives, wouldn’t you? There are a lot of good people who keep an eye on the roads and animals.

Take a look at this kind-hearted police officer that stops traffic to help cat cross the road and it is kindest thing!

Kind-hearted officer for the Musi Banyuasin police department, helped a confused cat cross the road in Indonesia. Footage shows a police officer assisting a cat in crossing a busy highway by stopping traffic. Thank you, officer!

Credit: Donald Pomerleau via Storyful


  • Maxine, 4 weeks ago

    What's happening to the English language? "...followed its fellow foul," surely in the USA the spelling should be FOWL!

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    • Giggle, 4 weeks ago

      You are right. It should be, "followed its fellow fowl."

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  • Giggle, 4 weeks ago

    An amazing video that leaves us all wondering if the male turkey knows he is controlling traffic. He's not telling, but it looks like he is aware of his authority.

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