Incredibly Disciplined Dogs Patiently Wait For Tasty Treat

Published March 15, 2019 2,847 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWhenever we think of pets, we usually think of small, furry animals that we keep in our homes, protecting them from the cold, the hunger and the dangers of the outside world. Of course, their presence in our lives is partly due to our own selfishness and our own need to constantly have a friend, someone who would listen to our worries and problems and someone who would give us free cuddles when they know that we need them very much. But you see, pets are much more than that.

Our trustworthy companions are more than an object. They are living and breathing creatures that at times prove to be way smarter than us and witty enough to trample life’s challenges. Above everything else, they are extremely observant.

Dogs are very similar to little kids when it comes to playing, They sure love their toys, but most of all they like experiencing new things. Very similar to these three Jack Russels's in this video. We can't imagine how it is that these three little tots have been taught to be so calm and patiente while their owner is enjoyng a nice fresh bach of fries. Of course he does treat them to a couple after they prove themselves "worthy" .

Dogs are keen observers, and your snack-snatching pooch is nothing more than a wolf in disguise. They have an instinct that tells them how to survive when they are on their own. That is actually the reason why dogs steal food, especially when the unsuspecting owners are distracted, or better still, out of the room.

Even though they have the cutest little faces, and seem so innocent, their genes are screaming messages in order to survive, you must be a fearless hunter. That means they have to take risks now and then!

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