Bull Manages To Upstage Horse In Show Jumping

Storyful Published March 15, 2019 1,283 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute Animals - Competition is a portion of life that can't be bypassed. Even when we don't recognize we are doing it, we all try our hardest at what we do usually try to stand above everyone else. Whether is school, work, sports or even cooking at home, we always try to be the best and to top everyone else.

We think competition is debatable, yet the specific principle of our life. It is useful in many aspects. Sometimes competition can be a good thing, primarily when it motivates you and keeps you going in life and makes you stronger. But, being overly competitive when leads a person to be the envy of somebodies happiness or success it's a lousy characteristic.

However, competition can be among animals too, not just humans. Animals also love to show off their talent, their skills and maybe show that they are better than they give them credit. This video is proof of that kind of showing off among animals. This bull decided on his jumping skills and prove that he is better than the horse. Check it out!

Anything a horse can do, Aston the bull can do too, whether dressage or show jumping. Here, he’s put through his paces in rural east France by owner Sabine Rouas alongside his pal Samy, the horse. Aston may not be quite as graceful as his equine partner, but, as Rouas wrote in his praise on Facebook, “he did things even my competition horse did not.” Poor Samy, however, looks decidedly nonplussed after being upstaged by a bull.

You know what they say: “Never judge a book by its cover!” This bull showed his jumping skills, and it’s the inspiration you need today and learn that you should never be afraid to show off what you are worth and how much the world needs to see your talents and your abilities.

A lesson that you should always show what are you worth it. Talent is something that you should not hide away. People may laugh at someone else’s ability out of jealousy, ignorance or plain silliness. Famous people in history claimed they would achieve exceptional actions, and everyone else laughed at them. But those excellent people went on after their goals undauntedly… and they have made it! Why shouldn't you?

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Credit: Sabine Rouas via Storyful


  • MomCat13, 3 weeks ago

    Sammy: I will NOT train w that big lunk. Love him...but will NOT train w him!

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  • Chutchison, 3 weeks ago

    Not a bull. A steer.

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