Hundreds Of Snow Geese Fly Over Central Pennsylvania

Newsflare Published March 14, 2019 789 Plays

Rumble - In this video, Rumble viewers are treated to witness the mesmerizing moment innumerable snow geese fly over central Pennsylvania. This footage was taken March 7th of 2019, over Lewisburg. The white plumage of the snow geese stands out in contrast against the blue sky beyond, allowing a clear image of the various formations passing overhead. Furthermore, the beautiful sound of the geese reaches viewers on the ground with enough volume to transmit the geese’s determination to reach their destination over the horizon.

Geese are known the world over for their long-distance migrations. They create stunning V-like shapes in the sky as they work together to travel efficiently. Lewisburg, like many other communities across North America, lies in the path of a yearly migration for geese. These migratory paths are often referred to as corridors. As seen in this video, the snow geese return northward during the spring in order to reach their summer breeding grounds. During this northward migration it is common to see the snow geese flying in large flocks, at high altitudes. Breeding takes place between May and August. The snow geese fly south for the winter, and spend those months in locations spread out primarily across the United States, with some geese ending up as far south as Mexico.

These migrations are so long that geese spend over half of each year migrating between their summer and winter habitats. The geese migrate distances in excess of 3000 miles in order to ensure their survival. During winter months, geese are seen feeding in fields across the United States. Geese are known to visit the same locations year to year along their migratory paths.

The incredible number of geese seen flying over Pennsylvania in this video begs the question: how many snow geese are there? Even though the overall population of snow geese was in decline just a century ago, the population has rebounded. It is now reported that there are over five million snow geese gracing our skies.

Recent decades have shown such a significant increase in the number of snow geese that concerns have been raised over the health of their summer breeding grounds. The government has even relaxed hunting restrictions for snow geese, allowing hunters to harvest more of the birds in an effort to lessen the growing population. Some theorize that this notable increase in population could be due to increased agricultural lands that feed the geese as they migrate.


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