Stunning Images Of Vertical Aurora Caught On Camera

Published March 14, 2019 264 Views

Rumble / Natural PhenomenaTwo girls were captured admiring a stunning ‘vertical aurora’ phenomenon while soaking in a hot tub. Valentine Zhiganov, 44, shot the incredible pictures of the rare optical illusion near his home city of Apatity in Russia in temperatures of minus 30 degree Celsius.

The video is living, moving art, as the canvas changes from moment to moment. The colors contrast, nothing is plain and ordinary. In fact, the event is extraordinary. When night does take over dusk, stars splash across the sky as if they are beings coming out to socialize. The amazing video is far more than just an Aurora, as we can see. Everything comes into play. It is an orchestra whose instruments are visual elements rather than auditory,

The magnificent sky deepens to a midnight blue above, while the horizon is a band of lighter blue. Stars begin to twinkle through the layer of moving clouds, and an occasional shooting star bursts forth, sputtering, and then dying. Above the iridescent green “pickets” is a violent display that fades into the dark night sky.

Auroras occur when magnetically charged particles from the sun, carried by solar winds, interact (ionize) with the earth’s atmosphere. The reason they are seen in the northernmost parts of the world is that they are drawn to the magnetic north and south poles.

That is why they are not often seen outside northern regions like Canada, Alaska, Iceland, and Norway.
But there have been events strong enough where Aurora was seen, even in some of the most southern parts of the United States. These events are extremely rare.

Sometimes there will be 'green rainbows', which are bands of green which arc across the sky and appear not to move. Other times, when the particles are more electrified, the ribbon whips and moves something like the tail of a kite in the wind or like water flowing over rocks in a stream.

It is no amazing people throughout history have described these displays as magical. Alaskans are very fortunate to see aurora more frequently than many others in the world, and yet it still holds excitement and appeal for even those who have witnessed them many times.

Aurora displays are accessible to anyone living in the right location, at the right time. The auroras are like crowns on the earth. Circling the polar extremities of our planet. They are composed of particles that literally ignite (ionize) when solar particles entering the atmosphere strike gas atoms. They work something like neon or fluorescent lights. The different gases that make up our atmosphere are the reason for the different colors.

Oxygen gives off a greenish color, while nitrogen is responsible for the reds. Of course, combinations of violet, blue, and red give us heavenly purples. The amazing video is far more than just an Aurora, as we can see.