Football Fan Holds Phone Behind His Back So Daughter Can Watch Cartoons

Published March 14, 2019 12,928 Plays

Rumble A father does anything for his daughter, even dress as a mermaid if she wants to because a girl is a princess whom a loving father could never stop pampering. The weak point of any man is his daughter, who would come being a clone of his mother and with the feminine intelligence it is easy for them to convince their parents of almost anything, is not it? and since we are so weak before so much beauty and innocence it is obvious that they finish convincing us, either for us to hold all the day a cell phone in the hand, so that they see caricatures comfortably. Hilarious!

On March 10, Atlanta United fan Andrew, 30, held his phone behind his back so that Avery, his two-year-old daughter, could continue watching cartoons while his father enjoyed the thrills of the game. This father actually loves his daughter very much because he makes sure he doesn't miss his cartoons, or maybe he loves football too much to miss a second, so he has to do whatever it takes to keep his daughter entertained, does he love football as much as his daughter? or does he love his daughter as much as football? This man knows how to solve any situation when it comes to children, he seems to be a good babysitter and his wife has complete confidence in him when it comes to taking care of her daughter because she knows that he has those effective tricks to keep control.

The adorable scene was captured by Taylor Scalera, who uploaded it to social networks, naming Andrew 'daddy of the year', where it has been seen 1.5 million times. His sitting neighbors know that Andrew always goes to the games with his little daughter, many are captivated by this father who shares his favorite hobby with his two-year-old daughter. Avery loves to accompany his father to the games, although he seems to pay no attention to anything but his cartoons. Avery would be sad if her father doesn't think about taking her when she goes to watch football, she would actually be happy anywhere having her father's company.

Taylor said, "Normally, she sits on her father's shoulders during a game.

"She's a fan of the game, though she still has trouble tracking the ball.

Although Avery has priority for the cartoons, something her father understands perfectly because she's only two years old, as time goes by it's inevitable that she will also be a future soccer game fan, of course, when she manages to find the ball and finally understands what it's the game to find out what drives her father crazy when he goes to the stadium.

The moments that we share with our children are incomparable, they are moments of joy and learning, more than anything for them, every day they can learn something new if we take them with us and show them so many fun and interesting things that exist, such as enjoying a good football game, making a camp or going to the zoo. There are things that we should take advantage do in his childhood to create beautiful memories to laugh about when our children are adults, a sample is this funny video that has been left for life on the Internet, so Avery when she is an adult will say "I was the most spoiled girl in the football stadium".