Well-Trained Dog Helps Dad Supervise His Daughter Doing Homework

NewsflarePublished: March 13, 2019
Published: March 13, 2019

It is not just a few kind humans who are making the effort to make our world a better place, either. One helpful pooch named Midge has also caught on to the trend. This funny video, filmed in Guiyang City in Guizhou Province on March 11, shows the cream-colored pooch that stands on its hind legs, which hangs strictly over the schoolgirl while she completes her assignments on a coffee table. His expression is intense, which makes people laugh.

Before the pooch took on the role of homework chaperone, the girl had the habit of playing on her smartphone instead of doing her schoolwork.she would always postpone and struggled to concentrate.
Now, it is hard to sneak in a game of Candy Crush under this canine’s watchful eyes.

According to the girl's dad Mr. Xu, the girl liked to play with the smartphone when she was doing homework. So he trained this dog to watch his daughter to concentrate on her homework daughter. Xu has raised the dog for more than two years. Mongrel joined the family in 2016 when he was a puppy and is very well-behaved.

Mr. Xu told reporters that the puppy is called rice ball. He will soon be 3 years old. He has trained him since childhood. Now he has learned many skills. It is quite accidental to teach her to read her daughters homework. Once, Xu Liang was busy with housework. He told the rice ball to watch my sister do her homework. Unexpectedly, it really understood. He stood beside his daughter and watched her write.

Rice ball is an Alaskan dog and the mother is a Chinese idyllic dog. The dog’s mother died of illness seven days after it was born. At that time, the rice ball had not opened its eyes. Maybe it saw me when it opened its eyes, so we were very close, Xu Liang said. Compared with other dogs, rice dumplings were more obedient and smarter.

Xu Liang also posted some of his daily videos on the internet and gained a lot of praise from citizens. He told reporters that the release of these videos, one is that he likes dogs as pets, and the other is to share his experience in training dogs. If you want more people to like dogs, you should spend more time teaching them instead of letting pets cause trouble for others. Xu Liang said.

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