10 Most Ridiculous Health Products

alltime10s Published March 13, 2019

Rumble Everyone gets conned into believing that various products will have significant benefits to their health. Some work, some don't! In this video, we're taking a look at the crazier side of homeopathy... These are 10 Most Ridiculous Health Products!

#10 Psychic Vampire Repellent
Believe it or not, this is a real product. However, it doesn’t do what it’s said on the tin. The term ‘Psychic Vampire’ refers to people who drain your mental energy and give you bad vibes. So, this repellent stops people from doing it.

#9 Frog Smoothie
Most people are familiar with Chinese remedies, but this health drink every day in the hills of Peru is likely to leave people leaping away. People in Peru believe that this drink can cure a lot of illness such as anemia, tuberculosis, fever and female infertility.

#8 Himalayan Salt Lamp
Advocates claimed that the light salt lamp causes the salt to reduce negative energy around the house, also prevent anxiety and lack of sleep. However, some scientific researches have proven that the lamp does not have that kind of feature.

#7 Tapeworm Pills
Tapeworms have been a fat diet since the Victorian Era where pain equals beauty because somewhat an obsession. But, the recent year they have been even more available to people thanks to the Internet. However, this is not healthy at all, and it could be lethal.

#6 Jade Eggs
The Jade eggs are used for vaginal insertion and the people who created this remedy claim that if the eggs in left inside overnight or longer they could battle can regulate menstrual cycles, balance hormones and increase bladder control.

#5 Clay
The argument is that clay is indigested into the body, but it washes out the heavy metal as it passes through your body. However, eating clay is not a great idea. There are a lot of risks that you can bring to your body if you take clay, such as removing iron from your body.

#4 Infowars Supplement
The ‘Alex Jones Show’ has its health supplements and merchandise/ However, unlike the typical health supplements these supplements claim to fight against globalist, is like goop fighting conspiracy theorists.

#3 Bone Juice
Broth made by the leftover bones from animals is by all means uncommon in cooking. There is some believes that bone broth or juice helps you to boost your health when you are ill. Not that’s not true, but it is a little bit exaggerated.

#2 90 Dollar Supplement
The company ‘Goop’ is charging a lot of money for the vitamin packs which don’t have beneficial use at all. They do absolutely nothing, even though they charge you a lot of money but there is no proof at all that they are healthy and can boost your health.

#1 Placenta
Eating the placenta of your child’s birth is the perfect example of unhealthy advice you can get from your favorite celebrity. Some people believe that by eating the placenta, you get more skin elasticity or better lactation. Well, as you can guess there is very little scientific proof for that, and there are not any benefits from that.