Disney-Like Scenes As Rare Pink Elephant Spotted In The Wild

Published March 13, 2019 1,252 Views

Rumble / Wild WildlifeIf you hear the word the "Pink Elephant" then the only thing that will come to your mind would be the infamous scene from Disney's animated movie 'Dumbo.' The pink elephants were just hallucinations seen by Dumbo after accidentally drinking alcohol in the animated movie. But what if tell you that the pink elephants do exist. Tim Jansen van Vuuren was one of the fortunate among others to witness it in nature.

While leading a safari group through the MalaMala Game Reserve in Kruger National Park, South Africa in February 2019, Tim Jansen van Vuuren eyes caught the attention of an unusual sighting of a baby elephant with pink skin color.

The cute little pink female baby elephant was no older than two or three weeks at the time and was the smallest in the herd of elephants. The adorable tiny mammal was surrounded by adult elephants and was casually walking around in the sea of grass exploring the forest.

In the video, you see can see her playing with another young elephant and interacting with adult elephants, so it is safe to assume that the herd is showing her love and have no problem with the color. In wild animals, it tends to happen that the young ones who are different than their parents are often abandoned.

The reason behind her pink colored skin is believed to have been caused by leucism. Leucism is a condition where there is a loss of pigmentation in an animal caused by a reduction in multiple types of pigment. The condition often results in white, pale, or patchy coloration of the skin and hair. The best example of these conditions is the white lion and the white tiger.

After seeing the baby pink elephant, Tim Jansen van Vuuren from Benoni, South Africa, says that he felt pretty ecstatic because it’s something completely out of the ordinary and he has only heard about it. Tim also said that the adult elephants where pretty calm and allowed the safari group to get close to the baby pink elephant which made the whole experience fantastic.

Tim has worked in that region for over six years and has never seen anything like this and has the region is extremely large with no fences blocking the elephant herds movement, the chances of seeing the little pink baby elephant are very less. As the pink baby elephant will grow older, its skin will start to get darken only leaving pink skin color behind her ears.

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