Controlled Avalanches Triggered at Colorado's Copper Mountain

StoryfulNews Published March 11, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble / Strange WeatherA series of controlled avalanches were triggered by staff of the Colorado Department of Transportation on Sunday, March 10, along Interstate 70 by Copper Mountain in Frisco. This livestreamed footage shows a controlled avalanche at Ten Mile Canyon, which borders Copper Mountain. The avalanche can be seen approximately seven minutes into the video. Northern Colorado is experiencing a “historic” surge in avalanches this year, KKTV reported, and the Colorado Avalanche Information Center has recorded around 500 avalanches within the span of nine days – well above the usual total of 2,500 a year. A natural gas pipeline in Copper Mountain was ruptured by an avalanche on March 7. Credit: Colorado Department of Transportation. via Storyful