6 Ways We Want Game Of Thrones To End

Published March 11, 2019 579 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment LifeApril is definitely the most anticipated period of 2019 when the last season of the franchise will be officially aired. Recently HBO also warmed up the fan community of this legendary brand when revealing every episode in season 8 will feel like "a movie".

After more than a year has passed since the ice fire of the living Viserion dragon collapsed the legendary Wall of the North, we will still have to go on for more than 3 months to reach the end of the series. Game of Thrones (Game Of Thrones). However, it is almost certain that the patience of the audience will be rewarded when recently Richard Plepler - HBO's CEO - revealed that each episode in this final section will feel like "being Watch a real movie. "

While the popular TV series tend to last the last season, like the case of Breaking Bad with 16 episodes in season 5, HBO decided against this tradition. The station announced that it would shorten the 8th season of the Game of Kingship to 6 volumes, however, according to Mr. Plepler's share, HBO will increase investment in order to ensure proper and monumental for each episode.

These revelations, along with the project director David Nutter, have also officially confirmed each episode of Game of the Year 8 Kingship will take more than 60 minutes. It seems like the real audience will experience a great movie project through the TV screen at home in April.

Not much has been revealed about the plot, but recently HBO has continued to make fans wave when launching a teaser about upcoming projects. A long scene of a few seconds in the clip shows the meeting between the Dragon Queen Daenerys Tagaryen and Sansa Stark. The lady of the North had a rather remarkable saying: "Winterfell is yours, queen."

Of course, with the assignment of Jon Snow and Daenerys at the end of the previous film, the Dragon Mother's arrival at Winterfell and Sansa's face is only a matter of time. However, Sansa's words opened many questions for the Game of Kings franchise fans, when she herself once declared Winterfell's only owner to be Stark! What is the Northern Lady planning to do?.

Although it will mainly focus on the human race with the evil king Night King, but still a series of unresolved clan conflicts remain. The last season of the franchise series is expected to still include intellectual struggles and political elements, which are the specialty of the Westeros world. We can absolutely expect an epic ending for this epic television brand.