10 Ways To Disappear Completely

alltime10s Published March 11, 2019 2,185 Plays

Rumble No one ever said that human beings are perfect. We all have our flaws. They might be small, they might be big, they might even be superficial or soul deep, but it is how we are, what we are and we need to embrace them. The problem with humans is that despite knowing this, we tend to be perfect and the general rule of thumb is that the grass is always greener on the other side.

Do you ever find yourself sitting in your favorite chair, questioning life and whether we are destined for grandeur as a human race? Do you think to yourself that maybe there is something out there waiting for you to grasp it and reveal it to the whole world? Don’t you just hate it when your daydreaming bubble gets popped by all of the things humans do that make no sense whatsoever? Well, if you do, you know how we felt compiling this list of 10 lawsuits.

Laws in general can never be perfect. They are just normative's to keep you on the right track and to help judges make unbiased and objective decisions. As such, there are many gray zones found in them that can furthermore be exploited by people, be it criminals or ones after money.

Here we have somewhat of an "educative" video where they show you examples of how you can disappear completely. We prefer not to get into the semantics of why one would like to do such a thing, but ether way why not add an additional "how to" to your list. This guy takes you through couple of different examples of people changing their identity, outer appearance and several other things in order to get completely off the map.

For some viewer's this video might come in handy, again we don't need ask why. Ether way it is pretty interesting to what lengths people would go in order not to get found, of course if that is what they are aiming for. If you thought about "catching wind", this might actually be a very informative video.

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