Excited Girl Dances After Having Her Favorite Soup In Restaurant In Shanghai

Newsflare Published March 8, 2019 534 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsWhen we think of food, we think of the fuel that keeps us going in life. We need the nutrients packed in the food to maintain our daily bodily functions, to be creative and to be strong. The excess or lack of food can lead to our bodies and our brain shutting down, so it’s imperative to maintain a balanced diet throughout our whole lives, but food is so much more than that.

Over the course of the centuries, the role food plays in our lives changed. We started out as food gatherers, picking the right fruits and grains to sustain us in the rough climates we lived in. We saw food as an energy booster and nothing else. But then, we decided to live in groups, and suddenly eating the food among friends wasn’t the same as eating alone. As societies grew, these daily gatherings morphed into something completely different. The food that sustained us could serve a secondary purpose as a means to mingle among our peers and create firm bonds with other people. Meals turned into a form of art, showing off our culinary talent and our host abilities.

It’s no wonder we pay so much attention to food these days, and apparently, our ways have rubbed off on our pets.This video is a prime example of how pets follow our every move. We can see two dogs munching on their lunch and it looks like an ordinary meal with our siblings. What’s funny, ‘though, is the little yellow birdy that speeds right next to its two best friends to have its own proper meal. The bird must have heard them smacking on their food because it flew in faster than an arrow into the kitchen.

Having said all that it is no wonder that this little girl has the reaction that she dos after she is served her obviously favorite meal. Her reaction is priceless and adorable. As she take her first bite she can't help but dance and express her happiness. Her parents are truly wonderful for taking her out for her favorite food which also led to making this incredible video. This lovely little girl is just too much. This video is a must watch and be prepared to have your heart melted!

Does this remind you of anyone? We promise not to tell! Until next time, bon appetit!