Planes Struggle To Land At UK Airport During Insane Crosswind Conditions

NewsflarePublished: March 3, 2019
Published: March 3, 2019

When traveling by airplanes, many people suffer from at least moderate stress about the possibilities of what could happen with the flight. 90% of the time, though, planes take off, fly, and land without a problem whatsoever. However, this gives little comfort to those who have had to endure the horrifying experience of being on a plane and having something go wrong.

This video shows several planes that are forced to land sideways due to the powerful wind blowing against them. Even though the planes are close to the ground, that does not at all mean that a severe situation cannot arise and leave dozens of people killed or injured.

That fact would be terrifying to the passengers on board these planes. As seen in the video, the planes approach the landing strip normally at first, but the wind blows them off course. They are forced to land in a way that is not centered perfectly with the strip like they normally would.

While the passengers were frightened, the pilots performed very well under pressure and were able to keep everyone safe through the entire ordeal. They remained calm, and they landed their planes successfully.

Powerful winds of Storm Storm Freya blew across the runway at Birmingham Airport and caused these four planes to land sideways. The footage captured on March 03 shows Aircraft could be seen being rocked from side to side and dipping towards the ground although the pilots seen here skillfully landed the planes.

This video portrays a situation that would be absolutely terrifying for the people involved. As the planes enter the runway and tilt, viewers cringe, knowing the possibilities of what could happen at this moment. If the pilots had not been able to straighten their aircraft back out before hitting the runway asphalt, the results could certainly have been catastrophic.

Thankfully, pilots are trained well to handle these kinds of situations. This just shows the unbelievable importance of having properly trained staff on aircraft. This is why aviation school is so difficult. The training for this job has to be much more detailed than many other careers because of the potential risk. For commercial pilots, the weight of responsibility ensures that they take their jobs very seriously.

When a commercial pilot is in the air flying his or her aircraft, they literally have dozens and sometimes hundreds of lives in their hands. If they do not perform their job well, or if they “have a bad day,” they are risking the lives of so many people and their families. This is not a responsibility to take lightly. Every time you get on a plane, you are making the choice to trust the pilot with your life. Many people take this for granted and do not fully appreciate their pilots.

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