Greedy Giraffe Snatches Full Box Of Snacks From Inside Visitor’s Car

Published February 28, 2019 13 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsPreviously we had been talking about squirrels, raccoons or monkeys stealrs of things, which are camouflaged among people to steal the heart of an apparent victim and then take away some object or food, even a wallet. But don't let the size fool you, because if you thought this was only done by the smallest animals thanks to their ability and speed to escape you are very wrong, because this great giraffe will let you know that she is also a villain. Hilarious!

On February 26 Courtney Merrell decided it was a good day to take her family to the West Midlands Safari Park and break the monotony of work, so the very excited family went into the magnificent Safari, accompanied by Brad a great friend of the family. Already on the inner road to the safari, they have encountered different wild animals and have had contact with them as they transported in their car through the Safari. After a while, they come across a pair of giraffes that seem friendly and as the family loves to relate to the animals, they do not doubt to give some treats to the giraffe that approaches the car, as they had done before with the animals saw earlier on the road and did not they had any inconvenience, but this cautious giraffe was the exception.

Brad, with Courtney Merrell's son in his lap, extended his palms with some tasty treats for the giraffe who approached the car with a seemingly friendly intention. While the giraffe eats from Brad's hand, the family enjoys the moment, then Brad decides to look for more treats in the box and when he takes the box of treats the evil giraffe snatches it from his hands and trotted without any remorse. This rebellious giraffe didn't care if there were children present, she just went away with her face well washed and with stolen sweets. How naughty!

Brad and everyone in the car have been stunned after what happened to the giraffe, they can't believe it and they can't stop laughing, God, what just happened! Maybe they'll never trust a giraffe again, you don't know if next time they'll be able to take something more valuable. The family feels used by this giraffe who was friendly but already had a plan from the first moment he saw the sweets. This is a giraffe without laws, that does not hesitate to deceive the naive visitors of the place to obtain some sweets. The family does not intend to apply justice, it hurts them more that the giraffe only approached them out of interest, they only wanted a giraffe friend, Shit! They have to know another giraffe who is not an expert in robbery or a heart breaker.

The naughty giraffe has left the other animals on the safari without sweets, so for the next visit the family will make sure to bring several boxes of sweets, because they already know the backgrounds of the animals on this safari. What madness!

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