Dad Mic'd Up 4-Year-Old During Hockey And It's The Cutest Thing!

Published February 26, 2019 30,914 Plays $63.59 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsHockey is a sport that you can start very young, as Jeremy’s son is showing us today :This video has been edited to be the most funny video of a 4 year old doing hockey. The toddler presented in this footage is not a professional player at all, it is probably one of the first few times he has ever been at the ice ring. So his dad, after recording the initial footage, decide to go home and edit it. He also captured his 4 year old son speaking at that occasion, to build a library of things being said with the voice of his kid.

Hockey coach Jeremy Rupke decided to go through all this work, but the end result is so funny for us the audience. The last step of this editing work was to pick the funniest phrases that his kid had said, put them over a sequence from the ice ring where it would fit best and get people to laugh. Jeremy has done an incredible job at that.

His humor will make laugh every time. Especially because his kid doesn't actually speak yet, or has interesting conversations. Jeremy also managed to play with this by putting subtitles and leaving question marks when he didn't understand what his son was saying. He also used brackets to describe the scene as it was happening.

All of those ideas and the few hazardous moves of his son combined are what makes it hilarious. It isn't even about laughing about the kid because some of the sequences are actually cute and heartwarming. The ones were the kids fall down are not so bad as he is not very tall and he doesn’t go super fast.

Sometimes he will even say that he found it funny to fall, adorable. Jeremy also goes on the ice ring his kid at one point, and his kid is very surprised by how fast his dad goes. It is a good moment for his son, for him, and for us watching the video. The kid also dropped some of the funniest lines at the end of the video and his dad did not edit those. Among those funny ones, you can hear the famous “15 more minutes Dad !” or “ I wanna go to McDonald's after this”. The video was meant to promote the hockey club of this dad and son and they have done a great job with this clip.