10 Bizarre Things That Washed Up On Land

Published February 25, 2019 30,816 Plays

Rumble What do you expect to find when you go to the beach? Sea shells, seaweed, maybe some sea glass? How about sea-weird? People have discovered tons of incredible things at the beach and we are here to talk about them all!

The beginning of a new year was not the only thing that Canadians welcomed on January 1st. They also saw the continuation of a strange trend on the shores of British Columbia, where shoes would wash up - with the disembodied feet of their owner still inside. It’s been 15 instances of the severed feet in the province since 2007.

Now, this isn’t connected to anything supernatural or the stuff of horrors. Most of these disembodied limbs have been connected to their owners, who sadly were persons that have drowned in these waters. Fun science fact: during decay in water, the first things that fall off a cadaver are the hands and feet and with so many folks out there tying their shoelaces tightly, it is only logical that the feet would remain inside the footwear.

Now, shoes we can understand. But when it comes to a 6-feet tall plastic man, we are bamboozled. Such was the case of the 6 feet tall LEGO man that washed up on the Dutch shore in 2007 near a resort called Zandvoort. The workers from a nearby drinks stall saw the big figure with the yellow head and blue torso bob around in the waves, so they went in the water to fish it out. It now holds guard in front of their stall. But that’s not all! A year later one of this man’s brethren washed up on the shores of Brighton in the UK.

Wanna talk about something truly supernatural? How about the story of the gym teacher from Izmir, Turkey, that found a dolphin washed up on a beach - with two heads! Yeah, that’s not supernatural either, but it is still pretty awesome! After being handed over to the marine biologists at the Akdeniz University, they declared that it was a calf about a year old. The eyes on one of the heads was not fully open, nor was the blow hole. However bizarre it may sound, polycephaly is not completely uncommon in the animal kingdom. This is the most severe specimen of conjoined twins, which come as a result from the incomplete splitting of the fertilized egg. While it may be easier (somewhat) for humans, Siamese twins in animals rarely survive adulthood.

Did we tickle your fancy? Keep watching to find out more bizarre things that have washed up on the shores of the world.