Doors Fly Open, Lights Flicker As Tornado Moves Through Columbus

StoryfulWeather Published February 23, 2019 1,155 Plays

Rumble / Strange Weather - Being caught in a tornado can be absolutely terrifying. While Mother Nature creates some beautiful sights, she can also wreak havoc when her temper flares. Residents of Columbus, Mississippi know this extremely well. On the evening of Saturday, February 23, a tornado touched down in the city. In this video taken by Dax Clark Weather from Mississippi State University, you can see many people taking shelter at a local gas station as the storm rages on. Lights flicker on and off as the storm threatens to break the glass doors of the gas station. The cameraman, along with several other people at the location, runs for cover behind isles of snack foods and oil cans. Columbus, a small city of 24,000, was beaten and bruised by the strong winds and scattered debris of the tornado. The twister, caused by an unrelenting series of severe thunderstorms on Saturday evening, affected many of the surrounding counties as well.

It is extraordinarily important in times like these that you and your loved ones understand how best to protect yourselves when a tornado is right outside your door. Like the cameraman of this video, it is a good idea to get as far away as you can from open windows or glass doors, as the debris kicked up by a tornado may shatter the glass and result in injury. You should also attempt to duck for cover under a sturdy table, or cover yourself with something like a mattress or sleeping bag if you are at home. It is also important to vacate to the lowest possible floor of whatever building you are inside of. If by some chance you find yourself outdoors during a tornado and there is no building around for you to take refuge in, attempt to locate an area away from trees, cars, or other items that could be picked up by a twister. Lay flat on the ground with your face down, using your arms to protect the back of your head.

Videos like this are a hard reminder that Mother Nature can be terrifying at times. Remember to always have a plan in case of emergencies like tornadoes, floods, or earthquakes. It is also important to always keep up to date with the weather forecast in your local area. Hopefully, you won’t find yourself in a convenience store in the middle of a crazy storm. Luckily though, it seems like everyone involved in this video remained protected and uninjured.

Credit: Dax Clark Weather via Storyful