Leopard Cub Learns To Walk Again After Being Paralyzed

Newsflare Published February 23, 2019 29,559 Plays

Rumble This is the heartwarming moment a seven-month-old leopard cub, which was paralyzed after accident learns to walk again. The female cub was hit by a speeding vehicle near Igatpuri located in Nashik district, Maharashtra earlier this month.

The Forest Department rescued the critically injured animal and later transferred to the Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Center, run by Wildlife SOS in Junnar, near Pune.
After the accident left the young cub paralyzed, her chances of recovery appeared bleak.
X-rays revealed spinal injuries which had caused complete limb paralysis. But as the leopard was young, her vets felt that with proper treatment she would be able to walk again.

The leopard was ready to surprise the experts with her sheer determination to get back on her feet again too. Senior Wildlife SOS Veterinarian Dr. Ajay Deshmukh, said: “We are providing regular physiotherapy comprising of stretching exercises, massages and assisted walks. She is getting stronger each day, and we have observed signs of movement in her limbs.”

Ajit Shinde, Range Forest Officer, Junnar said, “We have observed that the leopard is responding well to the physiotherapy sessions and I am grateful to the hard work put in by the Wildlife SOS team.”
In recent years, economic growth and rapid infrastructural development in India have shrunk the habitat of wildlife exposing them to new dangers like road accidents.

Similar to any human who had continued unfortunate spinal damage, the cat was joined up with a concentrated active recuperation program: extending works out, rubs, anything medicinal staff could do to breathe life into her muscles back. They also made her a custom-built structure to help with her recovery.

The staff even fabricated a different help gadget to help her hold her back straight. But, in the end, all the effort was worth it, and it had paid off! After a long therapy, the leopard had a miraculous recovery and improvement in her health .

"After days of struggling to even stand up on her own, the cub has shown positive signs of limb movement, paying off for all the efforts the team channeled in her recovery," Wildlife SOS notes.

The good news is that this young leopard will have a chance to have a happy and healthy life. Very soon, this little and strong hero can return to the wildlife and once again be with her family! What an amazing and inspiring story this is, it melts our hearts!