Heartwarming Footage Shows Adorable Moment Dad Gives Puppy To Autistic Son

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Rumble / Babies & KidsDo you think that dog's is man's best friend? If your answer is yes, then you have to watch this video right now. Watch this exciting video that shows the adorable moment in which a dad gives a puppy to his autistic son, most children love dogs, especially when they are puppies, for that reason the child can not help but contain the joy of having Your first dog. Not all dads is so attentive as to give your child a puppy, much less if the children have autism, but this particular dad seems to love his son enough and knows that the dog will make his son happy. Dogs are man's best friends!

Judie, 22, and Isaih Apolinar, 23, decide to buy a puppy to give to their son Eli, 6, who suffers from autism. This is a Pitbull puppy named Ziggy 8 months old, who will have a very important task, which is to become Eli's best friend, to help him deal with autism. From the first moment, you can see that both Eli and Ziggy are very happy to have met, since both are happy to see each other, Ziggy seems to be a very affectionate and intelligent dog, so he will surely make Eli happy. What an amazing dad!

Autism is a neurological disorder that manifests itself in children at an early age, approximately during the first 3 years of life, but unfortunately this disorder accompanies people throughout their lives, which means that this disorder has no cure , there are only treatments and therapies that helps to deal with the disorder. People who suffer from autism often have difficulty communicating and trusting other people, are often very repetitive in their behaviors and tend to be easily distracted by small things; In this case, Ziggi will help Eli to be happier and more sociable.

For many years, dogs have been faithful companions of people suffering from disorders, illnesses or disabilities, as they can help people deal with their problems and even participate in many therapies that help their owners overcome their problems and enjoy good health. Pit Bulls are dogs with a strong protective instinct, many people say that these dogs are capable of caring for their owners throughout their lives, they are also very affectionate and have enough strength to face some possible threats.

We must always be reflective and analytical, it is important to analyze the benefits that dogs provide to children, the truth is that, regardless of whether they have a disorder or disease, it is proven that dogs always provide protection, love and friendship to children. In this video we can see that Eli's parents are smart enough to realize that Ziggy will help Eli deal with his autism, which makes him a happier and more emotionally stable child. Actually, Judie and Isaih are an example to follow, they are excellent parents. All children deserve to have a puppy!

Do you think dogs are man's best friend? Do you think Ziggi will help Eli deal with his autism? It is important that you tell us what you think..


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