Passersby Rescue Injured Calf From Deep Trench In Rural India

NewsflarePublished: February 20, 2019
Published: February 20, 2019

From Cherrapunje in Meghalaya State, India, comes this heartwarming rescue of a calf from a trench. The trench is circular, and appears to be cut out of solid rock, whether naturally or as a well, we don’t know. If the calf fell down into the trench, with its rocky bottom, then it’s amazing the poor thing wasn’t seriously hurt.

The family was walking by the trench on February 17 when they heard the bleating cries of the calf. Investigating, they saw the calf and instinctively knew they must recuse it. At first the woman climbs down into the trench and tries to coax the calf out of the hole single handedly. But, as you can see, the calf is too big and ungainly for her to do the job alone. While someone at the top of the hole video records the rescue, a man climbs down to help the woman. Together they easily pick up the thoroughly soaked baby cow. They carry the calf to the lip of the hole, where another man grasps it by the forelegs and pulls it closer to the top. A third person, another woman, helps the man by pulling the calf by the forelegs even closer to the top.

There is some excited yelling as the rescue approaches its finale. With a little more concentrated effort the calf is finally pulled to freedom! The calf must have felt udderly (see what I did there) helpless being alone and cold and drenched to the bone. Its mother, of course, would not be able to pull off a rescue of her baby the way a human family can. It was a great day to be such close friends with the caring humans. A baby in trouble, no matter where it comes from in the animal kingdom, affects us all. Anyone with a conscience is going to help.

Once at the top and home free, the woman gently points the pitiful creature in the right direction, and off he goes, but rather casually. Before it rejoins its mother, it turns its head backward and give one last bleating thank you to its heroes. Then, off it walks safely away from the terrible hole. We can see why it may have fallen in, with inviting crevices tempting the unsuspecting close to an invisible edge. Hopefully this little fellow will not make the same mistake again, because it could be a long time before another helping hand passes this way.

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