Diver Rescues Tiny Fish Stuck Inside Plastic Bag!

NewsflarePublished: February 19, 2019
Published: February 19, 2019

In this video, viewers witness the moment when a scuba diver saves the life of a small fish that has become stuck inside of a plastic bag. This footage was taken during a group dive in Phuket, southern Thailand. Luckily, the divers were equipped with waterproof cameras, and captured this beautiful ocean encounter. As seen in the video, the diver wearing the head-mounted camera notices a lovely little blue fish laying immobile on the sea floor. Watching the video, it is not immediately apparent that the fish is trapped in plastic because the plastic is transparent.

As the diver approaches the fish to investigate, the fish becomes visibly alarmed and struggles fruitlessly to swim away and escape. As the diver grabs hold of the plastic bag and lifts it up, viewers can see clearly the plight of the poor little fish. Other divers are seen watching these events unfold in the background. The diver tries for several moments to shake the fish free of the plastic bag. The fish appears to be about the length of the diver’s hand, and its protruding fins make it difficult to exit the bag.

Viewers are relieved to watch the fish come out of the bag, and swim away free. The diver then shows the empty bag to fellow divers and to the camera. The other diver shown in the video communicates disgust at the plastic littering the ocean by signaling with a “thumbs down” sign. The sentiment echoes what viewers feel after witnessing this video clip. The other diver follows up by immediately giving the “OK” sign to the camera, communicating satisfaction at freeing the fish and cleaning plastic out of the ocean. This video couldn’t come at a better time.

Biologists, scientists, activists and many others are working to build awareness of the current plastic pollution problem in the earth’s oceans. Efforts are being made to bring this problem to the attention of people globally, and hopefully halt or even reverse the increasing plastic waste that is littering the oceans. Only in recent years have the far-reaching negative effects of this ocean-born plastics epidemic become clear. Returning to the video, from a distance we see the fish struggling and we don’t know why. Like this video, many of the earth’s population live far from the oceans – we see oceanic problems from a distance, but we are removed enough that we can’t see the real issues. Upon closer inspection, plastics and other pollutants become the clear culprits for much of the oceans’ distress.

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      DavidMcNab · 4 weeks ago

      Single use plastics are awful. Find alternatives whenever possible.