Giant Python Sheds Skin With Help From Veterinarian In Chile

NewsflarePublished: February 18, 2019
Published: February 18, 2019

In this video, Rumble viewers are able to witness a rare natural occurrence – a snake shedding its skin. A veterinarian is seen appropriately aiding a very large Burmese Python as it works to shed an old layer of skin. The python does not seem to mind the vet’s involvement, as the snake is seen calmly smelling the vet’s hands, and watching the process momentarily before hiding it’s head back in the bag. A man is heard describing to other onlookers what is happening with the snake. He describes how the snake needs more friction to be able to shed its old skin.

The crackling sound of the old skin peeling loose from the layer beneath is loud and recognizable, and it contributes tremendously to the effect of the video. As a viewer, it’s natural to imagine how it would feel to have one’s hands on the snake, helping the vet. It is not uncommon to find snakeskin, like the one in this video, in areas that are natural snake habitats with a large snake population. As witnessed in this video, snakes are at their prettiest immediately following a shedding of skin because their new skin is perfectly clean and brilliant, beautifully revealing the colors and patterns of the snake. Slowly but surely, the python – aided by its human friend – is able to shed its old skin completely, and viewers are treated to watch the process clear through the tip of the tail.

Naturally, intrigued onlookers are seen reaching out to feel the clean, freshly uncovered new skin of the snake. Like many other reptiles, snakes shed their skin periodically, and it generally comes off in one piece, all during the same occurrence. Snakes mush shed their skin as a natural part of the growth process, and in order to remove anything undesired, such as parasites. Large snakes will shed their skin between two and four times per year. However, snakes that are growing quickly may shed as often as every two weeks.

Snakes know instinctively just how to go about the process effectively, from getting the shed started, to finding a surface or land feature that will help add friction and remove the skin. Snake experts offer plenty of information online for snake owners who have questions about being involved in the shedding process of their pet snakes. Certain basic rules can be followed that will facilitate pet snakes being able to effectively shed.

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