Baby Girl Gets Emotional Tears When Listening To Mom's Singing

NewsflarePublished: February 16, 2019
Published: February 16, 2019

"Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast," so the saying goes, but it elicits a broad range of other subtle emotions, as well. You don’t need to be a savage beast to experience its effects, either. Neither do its effects respect age, as this video drama proves.

In Singapore, a one year old girl sits in her mother’s lap. Mom wrote this song especially for her daughter. It’s hard to say what it is about the song that makes the little girl cry. At one year old, does she understand all the words, or is it the Gestalt of the event, the entirety, which includes tone of voice, inflection, the snuggling and kissing? Music is an emotional experience, after all, which includes so much more than just spoken words. Melody can be angry, sad, bittersweet, or even militant—everything. Add rhythm and tempo and your song can cause teenagers to swoon, or even battle-hardened warriors to shed a sentimental tear.

It’s a sweet moment lost in time. The connection between child and mother is so pure and timeless, and in fact, transcends language and culture. The human condition is a commonwealth where we don’t actually need to understand what the mother is singing, because we get it. Perhaps we experienced it ourselves, either as an infant so long ago that only the dull edge of the memory cuts through our present consciousness; or perhaps as a parent, ourselves.

The mother says of the video, "I composed a song for my one-year-old baby and every time she hears it, she can’t help but shed tears at the overwhelming emotions of love. I think she’s touched every time I sing the song to her."

Babies are emotional creatures that haven’t yet hardened to the temperate climate of adulthood. If they are sad, they cry. This little girl shows more of being wistful than sad, however. After all, tears may accompany joy as well as pain. Childhood seems to be forever when you are the child, but somewhere along the line we realize that tender, magical reality is forever ensconced in the past. You can’t be a momma’s girl forever, at least not openly. In your heart, you are still that one year old who mom sat on her lap so many years ago, drawing the fountains of passion from our deep soul, which she knew so intimately because we were once quite literally a part of her.

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