Passengers Injured As Delta Flight Makes Emergency Landing Amid Turbulence

StoryfulNews Published February 13, 2019 216 Plays

Rumble / Airplane IncidentsSeveral passengers were injured when turbulence hit a Seattle-bound flight from Orange County, California, forcing an emergency landing in Reno, Nevada, on February 13. Passenger Joe Justice of Seattle filmed the aftermath onboard Delta Flight 5763. The video shows a refreshments trolley tipped over and food items scattered on the floor. Two passengers and a flight attendant were injured, it was reported. A woman can be seen swivelling her head and neck in response to the violent plane manoeuvre. “Crazy turbulence and injuries, but the @delta crew handled it perfectly, even the emergency landing,” Justice tweeted. “We did a nose dive, twice,” he later added. Credit: Joe Justice, Scrum Inc via Storyful