Early Afternoon Sunset Gives The Perfect Backdrop For Road Trip

StoryfulPublished: February 13, 2019
Published: February 13, 2019

From Baptiste Tachet comes this tour through the magical kingdom of Lapland, Finland. The colors are subtle, with perfect contrast. The pine forest is draped with a thick, soft layer of snow. The road looks a bit treacherous, though. We hope the driver still had both hands on the wheel during the recording of this winter scene.

Now, besides the obvious beauty of the landscape and winter scene, you will notice that the sun is low in the sky. Is this early in the morning? Or is he catching a sunset? In fact, that’s the peculiar thing about this video. It takes place at 2:00 pm in the afternoon. You’ve probably heard the expression “Land of the midnight sun,” a phenomenon associated with summer months in the arctic, and while it’s unclear if the expression was meant to apply to Finland, specifically, certainly its converse applies here, “Land of the midday sunset.”

It must be quite an eerie sensation seeing the sun in a perpetual state of dusk. Does it trigger some sort of hibernation mode? How do people conduct business when it is twilight for six months straight? Well, Finland has managed to make Nokia phones, in spite of the climate and the sun. The sauna also comes from Finland, so it is obviously a land where good ideas manage to infiltrate popular culture globally.

The description tells us that in peak winter months daylight is limited to about four hours, from 10:00 am to about 2pm. So here we truly are seeing a sunset in Finland in the early afternoon. The landscape is preciously wild. Lapland is very far north in Finland, and borders with Russia. It is pristinely natural, as you can see. It is a place where reindeer pull sleighs, and if there is a Santa Clause, he would feel right at home here.

One gets the sense that you could get lost here, if it wasn’t for the highway. Is there a city at the end of this highway, or a road that leads to warm homes with inviting orange light emanating from the windows? This video leaves much to the imagination. The Finnish live under challenging conditions, but must relish life in the remotest corner of the world.

It’s a little unnerving as the car seems to head downhill. This road is clearly covered with a blanket of fresh snow. Drive safe, our Finnish friends, and keep on sending images of your natural wonders.

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