Top 10 Movies That Got Sued For Crazy Reasons

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Published: February 12, 2019

Not every movie is suited for every mood, nor should it be. Movies serve to relax us a bit, help us wind down after a hard day at work. They are supposed to make us laugh and pay attention, but movies are also here to send a message. The art of cinematography is one of the best media to spread the awareness of certain topics just because it is so widely used by the Earth’s population. It is there to make us reevaluate our beliefs, make us question everything and help us build critical thinking.

Okay, this might have been taken from The Fifth Element and a few other movies, but you get the gist, the future looks bright and we are there to enjoy it. What many people can’t fathom yet is that the future may be closer than one might think. We’re not so sure whether the plot would be closer to Luc Besson’s Fifth Element or Pacific Rim, though.

Humanity is steadily chipping away at robotics and artificial intelligence. We still don’t know what the end goal might be, but for now, artificial intelligence is here to help us live easier lives. We’re creating robots that help us do menial tasks, as well as robots that do the tasks that are too dangerous for us to do. These machines can withstand harsh conditions and reach inside the places that we can’t and it gets more exciting by the minute. This emergency-response robot looks like something out of a movie and is controlled by a human using VR technology to save lives. It has so far been able to use a fire extinguisher but it still needs to be tweaked a bit in order to move faster. How awesome is that?!

Hello movie fans! Boy, have we got a treat for you! In today's video we will be giving you a list of the Top 10 movies that got sued. So get those fingers ready keyboard warriors and prepare to tell us what we got wrong and what we missed, ahead of the 90th Academy Awards.

There have been a lot of hits and misses with the nominations for the Academy Awards. There has been a lot of debate throughout the years about which movies should and which shouldn’t enter the list. A lot of movie classics we’ve grown to love throughout the years have not received even a nomination, let alone win the actual Oscars.

This list of movies however deals explicitly with law suites from the public toward the producers and Hollywood. That's right. Take a look as some of these are way off the hook!

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