Adorable Cat Ready To Give You Motivation

USATODAY_Animalkind Published February 11, 2019 3,173 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensIn this video, Rumble viewers are introduced to a kitten named Olive. As the video continues, words appear on the screen, intended to promote contemplation and reflection. As viewers, what immediately catches our eye is the adorable face of a kitten. We are spellbound, wondering what will happen next, as this focus seems initially too simple for a video.

However, our eyes are drawn to a crooked mouth, which leaves us wondering if the lip is simply stuck in the teeth, and perhaps the kittenish grin will soon straighten out. Then the text on the video draws our vision up to meet the gaze of the kitten once more, and we realize that the kitten’s eyes appear to be crossed-eyed in focus. The words, “I can see totally fine” appear on the screen and we grin, suspecting cute sarcasm is at play. As the kitten continues to stare back at us, we begin to wonder if this kitten is perhaps injured or born with a disability, and our intrigue grows exponentially. Then our suspicions are confirmed when the video text states, “I especially see the beauty in YOU, hooman.”

The intentionally misspelling and statement subject matter make us smile and welcome a heart-warming message, delivered via the face of this adorable pet. Additional text appears on the screen, inviting and urging us to get out and succeed. We are invited to “chase the ball of yarn.” At this point, our minds shift, and we begin to wonder, “What is my ball of yarn?” Is the ball of yarn a dream we have let slip? Is the ball of yarn our professional success that waits if we will simply overcome fear and believe in ourselves?

Is the ball of yarn that inner joy that comes from appropriate work-life balance, including literal play and recreation opportunities that we are missing in lieu of other pressures? Olive inspires us “catch our mouse.” What is that mouse for each of us? Perhaps we can all learn a lesson from our feline companions. Cats hunt – they focus, and stalk, and work patiently to achieve their focus and catch their prey. They know when to listen, and when to wait. They know when to run, and when to jump. Cats know when to pause, take in the view, and relax. And cats know how to play. Wholesome recreation is healthy, and all of us need to smile.