Prey Races Away After Bobcat Stalks Squirrel Across Roof

StoryfulPublished: February 11, 2019
Published: February 11, 2019

A squirrel made a speedy escape after a bobcat stalked it across a roof in Punta Gorda, Florida, on February 10. In this video, filmed by local resident Michelle Macri Kloese, a bobcat is seen creeping across a pool house roof before launching itself at an unsuspecting squirrel. The squirrel launched into survival mode, its four tiny legs pumping as fast as they could as it darted for a nearby tree with the bobcat hot on its tail. Just when it seemed the bobcat would dine on squirrel stew for breakfast, the predator lost sight of the squirrel, who lived to see another day. “I saw the squirrel back on the screen a few hours later,” Kloese told Storyful. “The squirrel did indeed win and got away. But all I could think was: ‘I hope this thing doesn’t fall through my screen or rip the screens!’,” Kloese said. Credit: Michelle Macri Kloese via Storyful

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