Tractor Frees Police Car Trapped in Washington Blizzard

StoryfulWeatherPublished: February 10, 2019
Published: February 10, 2019

It’s been a crazy winter for extreme weather this year, and this video shot on February 9th of a local farmer in Pasco, Washington freeing a police car that’s gotten stranded in a blizzard is just one more—incredibly gratifying to watch!—example of just how extreme it’s gotten. Jessica Coren Petty, who posted this video, says that she was returning home from lunch with a group of friends when they passed three trucks, one sheriff’s car, and a Pasco police car stuck in the snow.

Eager to assist the stranded motorists, Petty and the rest of her party returned a few minutes later with a tractor and towed the vehicles free. Snowstorms in the area prompted highways to close and also shut down the Tri-Cities Airport on February 9th, the Tri-City Herald said, which we can’t help thinking is clearly a good idea. Just like we also think that residents willing to lend a hand to neighbors and community members in need is the hallmark of a town that’s a great place to live. It’s undeniably gratifying to watch that giant tractor pull and tug the comparatively small police car to freedom.

Although, of course, police cars aren’t really small at all—easily weighing over a ton—which just goes to show how truly fearsome this particular snow storm was. That even trucks got stranded, despite all their massive size, makes this truly a snowstorm for the ages. While it’s been wonderful this winter to spend more time indoors with a cup of hot cocoa, a fire in the fire place, and some extra quality time with our friends, families, and pets, we also can’t help thinking about how nice it’s going to be when summer finally arrives and we can go outside with short sleeves and full confidence once again. Of course, the inevitable downside to all that will be the temporary end to videos like this one—which not only showcase some of the best community spirit we’ve seen in a long time, but also a gorgeous blanket of winter white covering the entire landscape. Fortunately, we can enjoy it all without actually having to venture out into the cold and the snow just by clicking the Play button, which we plan to do immediately.

You should definitely do so too. Just make sure you’re snuggled up extra cozy in your favorite warm and comfortable spot before you do!

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      Dolanfossil · 1 week ago

      This is the way to go, instead of bitching and moaning, help out a fellow human being and see how much better you feel.