Elderly Woman Amazingly Learns How To Do Pull Ups At Gym

Published February 6, 2019 2,872 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleWe’ve all heard the saying, “Age is just a number.” This video of Lauren Bruzzone has gone viral, and for a very good reason. Lauren is 72, and she is demonstrating that age is truly “just a number” to her.

Currently, it is very popular and trendy on social media for individuals of In this video she is seen doing physical exercises that are very demanding and require full-body strength. Many individuals who watch this video will say to themselves, “I cannot do half of the exercises she is doing!” We humans tend to create limits in our minds and hearts as to what we can accomplish and achieve. Pep talks and motivational speakers often fail to reach the hearts of their listeners and spark faith sufficient that their listeners will act and change for the better. Yet when we humans witness greatness in another human, it often leads to introspection and lasting change.

Is it possible that Lauren’s exercise routine will inspire people – both young and old – to raise the bar of achievement that they have set for themselves? Another impressive aspect of Lauren’s performance is the apparent lack of desire or need to get attention or show off to her peers. Her body language indicates that she is focused on her objective, despite her surroundings. Lauren is not seen calling attention to herself, but rather, she seems to be quietly going from station to station throughout the gym. Even her apparel lacks the flashy colors and signs and logos that might draw attention.

In this world of loud advertisements and in-your-face messages, Lauren’s message speaks louder than all, and her message will remain in our memories. Her ability to execute the strenuous exercises is a testament to her perseverance and tenacity. Time has shown that such full-body and mind fitness requires large amounts of time and consistency. Lauren Bruzzone obviously has per principles, and she sticks to them. Perhaps each person who watches Lauren exercise with learn a unique lesson from this short, but inspiring video.


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    Wow !! She is amazing!

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