Adorable Tiny Horse Dances On Snow

Published February 4, 2019 656 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsA cute video going viral on social media is going to make you smile today. The clip shows a young horse called Alvin, from Kattarp, Sweden putting up an impressive performance by dancing on snow. Footage shows Alvin was out with his owner on January 29, when he stood up on his back hooves and started shaking his front legs, and then he can be seen walking over the powder snow.

Horses and ponies are usually thought to be the lovely majestic creatures. You might imagine them elegantly galloping through an open field with the sun setting in the background or goofing in the snow or, perhaps, jumping gracefully in a competition. While these magnificent animals are highly regarded for their beauty and elegance, that does not mean they can’t be downright silly at times.

Paulina, his 24-year-old owner, who trains the 11-year-old Alvin, explained: “He is blissfully unaware of his short stature and thinks he is the biggest baddest horse out there”. Paulina Tufveson has been taking care of him for the past nine years. Paulina and Alvin have grown pretty close over those nine years.

“Alvin really wants to be your friend but he is watching you closely when you are interacting with him. He does not love people coming up behind him. He does not like you handling him if you are not within his sight. He is very affectionate with other animals,” Paulina said in an interview.
Like a lot of other animals, Alvin loves when Paulina gives him a treat, though, he knows he has to earn them. Over the years Alvin has made it a point to learn some cool stunt to impress not only Paulina but anyone who comes around their farm.

“Alvin loves to show off and have an audience to impress. When I come out to feed him he usually offers a trick or two in the hope of a treat,” Paulina said about Alvin’s talent. That does not mean Alvin would not showcase his talents to you if you do not have the treat to offer him.
He is just happy to have an audience. But some people have problems not giving him a treat once they view how talented he is. Just wait until you watch what Alvin does when he eventually takes center stage! Now that is some serious talent.

Someone better get Alvin on “Dancing with the celebrities” What a little stud! Share this beautiful and uplifting video with your friends!