Amazing Moment Shows Water Instantly Freezing In Bottle

Published January 31, 2019 617 Views

Rumble This remarkable video clip of the water contained in a plastic bottle instantly turning into ice when placed outside in the cold weather demands to be seen. And as this chilling clip runs all of nine seconds, we’re going to call this instantaneously icy all-natural clip The Deep Freeze. The footage herein was recorded and released by 23-year-old Daniel Dück of Germany, while he was taking a break from his work in a supermarket in Euskirchen, a town in Germany’s surprisingly chilly region of North Rhine-Westphalia.

As can be seen in the clip, young Dück firmly slams a filled water bottle onto a slab of snowy concrete, stirring up and water and setting off a chain reaction wherein the water is transformed into ice in less than seven seconds. The alteration of the water from liquid to solid form begins at the top of the bottle and quickly works its way down to the bottom and resembling a fog moving vertically across a rainy sky. The yield is a silvery, solid mass of bottled ice! Can somebody say “Ice, Ice, Baby”???

The image of the lightning-fast freezing effect immediately calls to mind hyper-real scenes of elemental altering one sees in comic books and superhero movies. But upon a few chilling glimpses of the clip, one comes away surmising that the powers of Iceman Bobby Drake of the X-Men and Jack Frost, both of Marvel Comics, as well as Lucius Best aka Frozone of Disney’s The Incredibles franchise pale in comparison to Mother Nature’s omnipotence when it comes to all things concerning weather and climate change. We can’t even imagine so effective an image of water and ice coming from the pen of Robert Frost, whose moniker and atmospheric, nature-filled writings speak for themselves.

As the chill of winter makes its way across the United States, NOW is the time to dip into the icy depths of this elemental video clip, which can only inspire those in an appropriate climate to commence their own experiments in this positively primal, atmospheric forum. If the climate is right, here’s what you should be doing: take a bottle, fill it with water, head outside, slam that baby onto the ground and then enjoy what you’re seeing. Oh, and keep warm while you’re doing it—and definitely make sure there’s a mug full of steaming hot cocoa (or maybe something a little stronger) waiting for you in doors—so it’s not your liquids that freeze over!

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