Marathon Runner Rescues Lost Puppy Midway Through Race and Carries It For 18 Miles

Newsflare Published January 29, 2019 28,955 Plays

Rumble This video offers one of the best examples of compassion in motion that we’ve ever seen, and this story is just too heartwarming to miss! A marathon runner in Thailand found a lost puppy last Sunday, January 20th, midway through her race on a blistering hot day.

Khemjira Klongsanun, who is forty-three years old, spotted the dog while she was sprinting toward the finish line, and noticed that her fellow runners were dodging the bedraggled pooch, running around him rather than stopping to aid him. But this fitness fanatic with a heart of gold—one obviously as strengthened by compassion as it is by her healthy habits—couldn’t simply pass the poor puppy by.

She slowed down her own progress to kneel by the roadside and gently coax the trembling little bangkaew (Thai for wolf dog) into her waiting embrace. With no houses or crowds nearby, she realized that the puppy was almost certainly lost, or possibly even abandoned on purpose, and she feared that he would struggle to survive if left on his own.

So Khemjira made the decision to take the dog with her, picking him up and cradling him in her arms as she ran, and even using her own towel to shield him from the white hot sun before continuing on in the race. Amazingly, Khemjira ran an additional nineteen miles while still holding the dog, and carried him all the way to the finish line. As she noted, “It seemed to me that this little guy was lost. There were no houses, no other dogs, no other people around. So I picked up the puppy if only to take him out of the unsafe environment.”

Truly, examples of humanitarianism this inspirational don’t come along every day! Once the race was finished, the shopkeeper slash runner decided to adopt the dog and give him a forever home. She has since named him Chombueng, which was the name of the marathon in which she was running, and has vowed to give him love and care for the rest of his life.

Hooray for happy endings! The internet is ripe with many heartwarming animal rescue stories, but this one deserves a special place in the hearts of animal lovers everywhere. If you want to see what true compassion looks like, then look no further than this video—and don’t wait any longer to play it. You’ll be glad you did it!


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    Running a marathon in 100 degree temperatures is the really amazing thing

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