Inspirational Moment Boy With Cerebral Palsy Walks Without Splints

Newsflare Published January 24, 2019 2,633 Plays

Rumble / Everyday Heroes - This is the inspirational moment a little boy from Essex in southeast England walked without splints after a major operation.
Soccer-mad Ronnie Leys, a four-year-old from Saffron Walden, has cerebral palsy and needed specialist surgery known as selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) to stop him from falling over when doing the simplest of everyday tasks such as walking and running.

In the video, filmed at a physiotherapy session in Witham, Essex, on January 22, Ronnie takes several steps and even manages to scale a step. "This was the first time he has managed to walk around unaided onto a step and off the step," his father Steve told Newsflare. Ronnie, wearing the kit of his favorite soccer team Cambridge United, screams with delight when he makes it to the other side of the room. Ronnie, who turns five in April, has to undergo a grueling schedule of three physio sessions a week to help his rehabilitation.

"Ronnie tried doing a few steps without his splints today - you will see by his reaction what it meant to him and what a little fighter he is,” his father Steve wrote online. "We are all bursting with pride for our inspirational son."

Ronnie's life-changing operation was not available on the National Health Service. "We had started fundraising in February 2018 and went on to raise £48,000 in 12 weeks," explains Steve. "He had his operation last October [and] he is now in the process of rehab, which will be ongoing for 18 months, minimum. We are still fundraising as he requires physio during this time and for the foreseeable future. The operation was £24,000."

Ronnie had the surgery in October and will spend the following year and a half in physiotherapy to help his recovery. Clare, who works for Waitrose, and Steve recorded their soccer-mad child at a physiotherapy session on Tuesday, where their son at last figured out how to walk around unaided. Just look at the smile on Ronnie's face when he makes it to the other side of the room. The moment is so precious it makes us cry tears of joy!

Ronnie also tires swimming, dance, and music lessons and he is also having weekly lessons with the cerebral palsy football team called "Cambridge In The Community" and football is one of the biggest reason he is doing so well. We are so proud of him, and we hope that someday he will fulfill his dream to become a football player!